WSDC alumni in action in Cork

Thanks to Christopher Bishop for letting us know about the following WSDC alumni in action at the World Universities Debating Championships in Cork, Ireland:

  • Tim Mooney (Sydney) – 2nd on tab (WSDC 2005 for Australia) – octofinalist
  • Julia Fetherston (Sydney) – 5th on tab (WSDC 2003, 2004, 2005 for Australia) – octofinalist
  • Steve Hind (Sydney) – 5th on tab (WSDC 2005 for Australia) – octofinalist
  • Shengwu Li (Oxford) – 7th on tab (WSDC 2003 for Singapore) – semi-finalist
  • Evan Goldman (Queensland) – 12th on tab (current Australian coach, WSDC 2002 for Australia) – semi-finalist
  • Stephen Whittington (Victoria) – 15th on tab (WSDC 2005 for New Zealand) – semi-finalist
  • Kitson Symes (Oxford) – 18th on tab (WSDC 2006 for England) – semi-finalist
  • Alex Worsnip (Oxford) – 22nd on tab (WSDC 2005 for England) – grand finalist
  • Polly Higbee (Victoria) – 25th on tab (WSDC 2005 for New Zealand) – semi-finalist
  • Sam Greenland (Sydney) – 25th on tab (Coach of Hong Kong) – octo-finalist
  • Lewis Bollard (Victoria) – 37th on tab (WSDC 2005 for New Zealand) – grand finalist
  • Cormac Early (Victoria) – (WSDC 2005 for Canada) – grand finalist
  • Tom Jackson (Nottingham) – (WSDC 2006 for Hong Kong) – quarter-finalist

Greetings from Greece – important information

Effie Giannakouri, the Convenor of WSDC 2009 writes:

Dear All,

Attached you will find a newsletter about our tournament- I hope it answers most of your questions. In any case, please don’t hesitate to contact us for any questions that you may have.

The second letter is on some practical issues that we need to deal with as soon as possible and we need your help. Please read it and help us resolve these matters.

Please send all your replies or questions to the WSDC 2009 email here

Thank you very much and looking forward to seeing you very soon!

Effie Giannakouri