Free Online: Speech & Debate India’s National Tournament Finals & Awards

Virtual Event

Register to attend online Free of cost. The event starts at 5 pm, Sunday, July 12th. Following the final round of competition, we will announce winners and share highlights of students in our Elementary, Middle, and High School Divisions across multiple Speech & Debate event categories. Speech and Debate India was founded by U.S. two... Read more »

National Schools Online Debating Championship 2020, Singapore


Dialogic Learning Services is proud to present the inaugural National Schools Online Debating Championship 2020. We understand that the COVID-19 pandemic has brought about significant impacts in our debate community, with all debate tournaments catered to secondary schools being cancelled. Our modest aim of hosting an online debate tournament is to provide an alternative for... Read more »

Debato 2020


Debato Debating - the art of persuading others to embrace your ideas - holds a special place in world history. Ancient governments would resort to debates to develop new public policies or solve daily skirmishes. Governance aside, the knack of powerfully articulating your ideas through the use of persuasive words, backed by substantial research is... Read more »

Harvard College World Schools Invitational 2021


Results Place Entry School State Round Round 1st Eton Armstrong & Battula & Chang & Robson Eton Finals Finals 2nd TeaCan Chang & McKellar & Ni Team Canada BC Finals Finals Semifina USA Gold NSDA Team USA TX Semifinals Semifinals Semifina NSDTea Soysal & Perin & Murray & Richards & Patel NSDA Team USA TX... Read more »