Debate Format: WSDC

IDC 2021

International Debating Championships provide quality debating teaching and tournaments for Australian and international schools continuing developing students’ public speaking skills, analytical ability, and general knowledge.

The tournament will be held entirely online via Zoom on Friday nights during term 4 of the 2021 NSW school term. It is open to students in years 5-10 across Australia, New Zealand and Asia and will be conducted in three divisions; Primary (year 5-6), Junior (year 7-8), Senior (year 9-10).

The tournament will be adjudicated by qualified and experienced university debating adjudicators. Schools are able to register multiple teams per division.

The results of this debate were:


Primary Division


Kambala School
Year 6 Blue


Pymble Ladies’s College
Team 1


Pymble Ladies’s College
Team 2


Team 4

Junior Division


Nanyang Girls’ High School
Team 2


Knox Grammar School
Team 8A


Team 10


Saint Ignatius’ College Riverview

Senior Division


Nanyang Girls’ High School
Team 5


James Ruse Agricultural High School
Team 4


Kambala School
Year 9


Anglican Church Grammar School(Churchie)
Team 7

Best Speaker

Primary division

Jacquelyn Zhu

Pymble Ladies’s College
Team 2

Junior division

Marc Lin

Knox Grammar School
Team 7B

Senior division

Darshanik Aryal

James Ruse Agricultural High School
Team 4

Emily An

James Ruse Agricultural High School
Team 4

Winter Holidays Open 2021 Online

Dear members of the international debate community,


The Croatian Debate Society would like to invite you to the 9th edition of Winter Holidays Open, our yearly international World Schools tournament for high school students. WHO 2021 takes place from 11th to 16th of December, 2021. The tournament welcomes around 90 teams each year, with debaters and adjudicators from 35 nations – Australia, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Canada, Croatia, Czech Republic, China, Denmark, Finland, Germany, Hungary, India, Italy, Jordan, Lebanon, Mexico, Moldova, Mongolia, The Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Qatar, Romania, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, Slovakia, Slovenia, South Korea, Sweden, Tanzania, Tunisia, Turkey, UAE, Vietnam and USA joining us so far.

Winter Holidays Open will be organized as an online event this year for the second time in a row. In order to make the tournament as accessible as possible, we tried to make the schedule work for participants from as many time zones as possible.

Hopefully, we will all be able to meet in person again next year and enjoy Zagreb’s Christmas markets and our extensive collection of Christmas lights. Until then, we hope you stay safe and enjoy WHO 2021 Online. 

Mislav, Alma and Darija, WHO 2021 organizers


WHO 2021 results are in! Congratulations to everyone, but especially to the winners, team USA Red ????
You can access the full results here:
We would like to once again thank Geetha, Rok, Eta, Jevon, Aljoša, Ivan, Marta, Ronaldo, Anastazija and Reja for all of their help with the tournament ???? And a big thank you to all judges, coaches and debaters – come back again next year (if we don’t manage to #stopwho2022)!

Macau Online WSDC 2021

Announcement of the Macau Online WSDC 2021
To All WSDC National Teams, Coaches, Team Managers and Officials,
We are pleased to inform you that QatarDebate, Debating Society of Germany and Macau English Debating Association will be jointly organising the Macau Online WSDC 2021 from 25th July to 5th August 2021 on Zoom. 200 student-volunteers from the Anglo Chinese Junior College in Singapore will join us to provide full organisational support to all the debaters, judges, coaches and observers attending the event.
There will be two Divisions, the Hegel Division and the Panda Division. We have a tournament capacity of 92 teams and no registration fee will be charged.
The pictures attached to this Announcement provide you with the Title Page, Key Details, Full Schedule and the Schedule for the 8 Preliminary Rounds of the Macau Online WSDC 2021.
On behalf of all of us at QatarDebate, Debating Society of Germany and Macau English Debating Association, we promise to present you with a well organised and well-judged Macau Online WSDC 2021.
Thank you very much.
Executive Director
Macau Online WSDC 2021

World Junior Schools Debating Championship 2021

With a keen passion to provide a platform for students to build on the key 21st Century learning objectives, the 4 C’s — Critical thinking, Creativity, Collaboration and Communication, World Junior Schools sees that it is also important to connect these skills to Civic awareness and engagement. 

Going into 2021, this year’s debate will be around the theme “An Ever Changing World”. Follow through a game changing year of 2020, the world is no longer the same anymore. Such debate will be interesting exchange for the students to participate, have fun and make friends through competition.

We welcome students around the world to join this event. Registration for preliminary round entry are free of charge.

*Note: Participants of the Final Championship will require a USD 50 fee to cover administrative cost arise from the event.

Penn Worlds Schools Tournament 2021

The Penn Debate Society is delighted to welcome you to our 2nd online World Schools Tournament, to be hosted from Friday, April 9th to Sunday, April 11th. The tournament will feature three prepared and three impromptu rounds of world schools-style debate, followed by a break to quarterfinals (depending on the size of the tournament).
Our tournament will feature high-quality judging from independent adjudicators and the members of the Penn Debate Society, which include alumni of World Schools Team USA, India, Canada, South Africa, Pakistan, Philippines, Korea, Thailand, Hungary, Botswana, and Malaysia.

Registration and Fees

Registration will open on March 15th. Early bird registration will close on March 22nd. Registration will close on April 2nd.
Early bird registration fees will be $20.00 per team member. Thereafter, regular registration fees will be $30.00 per team member. Teams will be able to make payment via check or credit card payment through Eventbrite. Fee waivers are available for teams in need, so please contact Tvisha Malik ([email protected]) if you would like to request one.


At this time, we expect the tournament to be held on Discord and Zoom.

Rules and Regulations

The Penn World Schools Tournament will be conducted in the World Schools Debating Championships (WSDC) Style. As per the WSDC guidelines, all teams must consist of at least 3 debaters and no more than 5 competitors. Teams are not limited to being of a single school or nationality.


  • All speakers in a team are from the same institution.
  • All speakers in a team must be 19 years of age or younger in April 2021.
  • All speakers must neither be enrolled in a university or equivalent post-secondary learning institution nor be attending university varsity debating training in April 2021.
  • Novice eligibility shall be defined as competing at three tournaments (including the UPenn World Schools Online Tournament 2021) or less.

Judging Requirement

Schools will be required to bring 1 judge for every 2 teams (rounded down, so schools with 5 teams require 2 judges). Missing judges will incur a fee of $30 per day missed. For example, a judge that did not show up for any rounds on all 3 days would owe $90 in fees. We also encourage members of the WSDC community writ large to judge at our tournament to make the experience as rewarding as possible for all participants. The link for judges registration will be announced in a future post.


For more information, you can contact our Tournament Director at [email protected] or our President (Shreyoshi Das) at [email protected].

Harvard College World Schools Invitational 2021


Place Entry School State Round Round
1st Eton Armstrong & Battula & Chang & Robson Eton Finals Finals
2nd TeaCan Chang & McKellar & Ni Team Canada BC Finals Finals
Semifina USA Gold NSDA Team USA TX Semifinals Semifinals
Semifina NSDTea Soysal & Perin & Murray & Richards & Patel NSDA Team USA TX Semifinals Semifinals
Quarterf TeaEng Manoj & Hussain & Factor & Chau & Dallas Team England Quarterfinal Quarterfinal
Quarterf USA Red NSDA Team USA TX Quarterfinal Quarterfinal
Quarterf BOW Lafferty & Paliwal & Zhang & Bansal & Gopal BOW CT Quarterfinal Quarterfinal
Quarterf FDTAca Chu & Lu & Lu & Oh & Yue FDT Academy (HS) BC Quarterfinal Quarterfinal
Welcome to the 6th Annual Harvard College World Schools Invitational! Our team registration process and IA applications are now open. Forms will close on March 5th, 2021.



The dates for the invitational are March 19th-21st, 2021. We hope to see you there!

Our tournament offers:

High-Quality Judging:

The majority of our judge pool is composed of former WSDC Champions, WSDC National team members, out-round WSDC judges, highly successful British Parliamentary collegiate debaters, and other members of the Harvard College Debating Union who come from highly successful domestic and international backgrounds.

High-Quality Competition:

We frequently have multiple national teams attend our tournament as they prepare for the upcoming World Schools Debating Championship in the summer.

High-Quality Training:

Every year we host multiple workshops on the WSDC format and other important issues that come up in debate; these formats will be led by members of our organizing and CA team, all of whom are immensely qualified WSDC debaters.

Prepared motions:

We are excited to announce the prepared motions for the 2021 Harvard College World Schools Invitational!!

  • Rounds 1 and 2: THBT the US government should nationalize Facebook and Twitter.
  • Round 3 Impromptu Motion: THW include socioeconomic rights (e.g. rights to healthcare, water, and housing) in constitutions
  • Rounds 4 and 5: THS the West imposing economic sanctions on Myanmar.
  • Round 6: This House supports restrictions on free speech that glorifies right-wing populism.
  • Triples: THS a global wealth tax.
  • Double Octofinals: THR the celebration of athletes that have a win-at-all-costs mentality.
  • Quarterfinals: THP an increase of power of labour unions over comprehensive improvements in labour laws (e.g. raising the minimum wage, extending parental leave).
  • Semifinals: THW allocate resources towards adapting to climate change, rather than mitigating/preventing climate change
  • Finals: THBT parents should push their kids to achieve, even if that comes at the expense of their child’s happiness.

Competition Rules and Procedures:

The Harvard College World Schools Invitational will be in the World Schools Debating Championships style. All rules and formats on tournament procedure will follow the WSDC handbook.
In following the spirit of WSDC, all teams will be of 3-5 students. All speakers in a team must be 19 years of age or younger in March 2021. Hybrid teams (i.e. teams with debaters from multiple schools) are allowed, as are independent teams not affiliated with an institution. Novice eligibility shall be defined as competing at three tournaments (including the HCWSI 2021) or less.


Debaters: All registration will be done through Tabroom at ( The team cap is 6 teams per institution and a maximum of 4 waitlist teams per institution. Waitlisted teams will be contacted if there is space after the initial registration closes on March 5th. Once you submit the registration, please confirm by sending us an email at [email protected]. We will use this to double-check that participants have submitted information correctly into Tabroom. Feel free to ask for instructions on how to register over Tabroom through this account.
Independent Adjudicators: IA applications here


Please feel free to email the tournament director, Vivian Zhang, and Tab Director, Andy Wang, at [email protected] for any questions.


$30 USD/debater, sent via check to the address on the invoice after registration. If you are unable to fulfill the judging requirement specified below, please include missing judge fees in the payment.


All speakers in a team must be 19 years of age or younger in March 2021
All speakers must neither be enrolled in a university or equivalent post-secondary learning institution nor be attending university varsity debating training in March 2021
An eligibility check will be done on each team interested in competing for a berth at HCWSI in the month prior to the event

Judging Requirement:

One judge is required for every two teams per school (rounded up, so schools with 5 teams require 3 judges). A missing judge fee is applied at a rate of $100 per day for teams that fail to meet their judging obligation. For example, a judge missing for each day of the tournament will be expected to pay $300.


  • Fri, Mar 19th
    9am EST – Registration
    10am EST – Briefing
    11am EST – Round 1 (prepared)
    12:30pm EST – Lunch
    1:30pm EST – Round 2 (prepared)
    3pm EST – Round 3 (impromptu)
  • Sat, Mar 20th
    10am EST – Round 4 (prepared)
    11:30am EST – Round 5 (prepared)
    1pm EST – Lunch
    2pm EST – Round 6 (impromptu)
    5:15pm EST – Break announcement
    5:30pm EST – Triples
  • Sun, Mar 21st
    9:30am EST – Double Octofinals (impromptu)
    12:00pm EST – Lunch
    1:00pm EST – Octofinals (prepared)
    2:30pm EST – Quarterfinals (impromptu)
    5:00pm EST – Dinner
    5:30pm EST – Semifinals (impromptu)
    8:00pm EST – Finals (impromptu)
    10:30pm EST – Awards

Nordic Schools Debating Championship 2021

Hello everyone!

The Danish Debate Association is incredibly excited to announce our 4th edition of Nordic Schools Debating Championship, the first-ever online edition!

Since we, unfortunately, were unable to host the tournament last year in response to the Covid pandemic, we are especially thrilled to invite you to the coming year’s edition from the 16th-18th of April 2021.

NSDC is a tournament for both skilled and novice debaters. Look forward to three days of great debates, hosted by some of the best judges in the world. This is a fantastic opportunity to improve your debating skills, whether you’re training for WSDC, want to try out debating for the first time and everything in between!

We will be opening for registration at the start of January, and gradually post new updates along the way, so be sure to keep yourself and your team updated by following us here on Facebook!

We look forward to seeing you there!

As always, feel free to ask questions via. Facebook or [email protected].

Love ❤

Eurasian schools debating championship 2021

ESDC is a world schools debate tournament that takes place in Robert College of İstanbul, Turkey every year!
This year ESDC will be held on January 30th – February 2nd, online.
* This House would require defendants in criminal trials to be represented exclusively by public defenders.
* This House Believes that “I was only following orders” is a justified defense for war crimes.
* This House Supports Turkey’s increased engagement in the Middle East and North Africa.
ESDC 2021 will be held online with participants from all over the globe: Romania, Greece, Sri Lanka, China, Singapore, Slovenia, USA, Pakistan, Taiwan, Denmark, UK, and many more. Join us to our global event!
With esteemed CAPs Rok Hafner, Tasneem Elias, Sharmila Parmanand and our Chief Adjudicator Kallina Basli; ESDC 2021 is an experience to not be missed!
If you haven’t registered yet- don’t worry! Registrations are open until January 15th. You can register via this link:
Here is to the champions: WSDC Singapore! After an amazing round on the motion “THBT members of minorities that come from privileged backgrounds (i.e. elites) should turn down any benefits arising from affirmative action programmes.” and a 3-4 split, team WSDC Singapore are the champions of ESDC2021. We congratulate all team members, and would also like to congratulate the finalist, China Mulan

10th Online Hong Kong Debate Open 2020

This year’s 10th edition of the Hong Kong Debate Open 2020 will be held in December 2020 for 3 days and will be dedicated to the best high school debaters from across the world. The event does not have a registration fee and teams do not need to provide any team judges. All judges will be invited by the Organising Committee. Teams for this WSDC tournament will be selected based on a) whether you are a recognized WSDC National Team/WSDC National Development Team, b) Debate CVs of the teams, and c) diversity in the pool of teams.
Below is the full Tournament Information, as well as the Form for Team Registration. Please note that the Contact Persons registering each team must be an adult from recognized national teams and debate organisations.
Tournament Information/Registration Form:
1. Dates: 19th to 21st December 2020
2. Debate Format: WSDC
3. Tournament Capacity: 70 WSDC Teams ( 3 to 5 Debaters per Team)
4. Tournament Structure:
a) 7 Impromptu Preliminary Rounds, with 30 minutes of Preparation Time, over two days
b) Two Categories: i) National Team Category and ii) Open High School Category
c) Break to Octo Finals for the National Team Category and to the Quarter Finals for the Open High School Category
5. Registration Fee: Free for Selected Teams
6. Selection of Teams:
Selection of teams will be based on:
a) whether you are a recognized WSDC National Team/WSDC National Development Team,
b) Debate CVs of the teams, and
c) diversity in the pool of teams
7. Judge Requirement:
Teams do not need to provide any Team Judges
8. Adult Guardian Requirement:
All Teams must be accompanied by a team coach/team manager/parent/guardian authorized to safeguard the interest of the high school debaters
9. Tournament Online Platform: Zoom
10. Communication Platforms for Debaters/Judges:
Facebook Messenger Groups and WeChat Groups
11. Chief Adjudicator Panel (CAP):
CA — Professor Joshua Park of Korea/USA, CA of Macau WSDC 2021, Solbridge International School of Business, Korea
Co-CA — Tasneem Elias of Sudan, CAP of WSDC 2018, QatarDebate, Qatar
Co-CA — Brian Wong, Hong Kong
DCAs will be announced in the coming weeks
12. Tabulation Director: George Chen, China
13. Digital Director: Vũ Anh Tuấn, Vietnam
14. Registration Director: Eunice Li, Hong Kong
15. Executive Director: Loke Wing Fatt, Singapore
16. Full Schedule (We start at 2.30pm, Singapore Time/Hong Kong Time, UTC +8)
19th December 2020, Saturday
2:30pm to 3pm Roll Call of Debaters and Judges
3pm to 3.15pm Opening Ceremony & Introduction of the CAP/Tab Team/Digital Director
3.15pm to 4pm Technical Briefing for Debaters/Judges
4pm to 6.30pm Round 1
6.30pm to 9.00pm Round 2
9.00pm to 11.30pm Round 3
20th December 2020, Sunday
2:30pm to 3pm Roll Call of Debaters and Judges
3pm to 3.15pm Announcements
3.15pm to 5.30pm Round 4
5.30pm to 7.30pm Round 5
7.30pm to 9.30pm Round 6
9.30pm to 11.30pm Round 7 (Silent)
11.30pm Break Announcements
21st December 2020, Monday
2:30pm to 3pm Roll Call of Breaking Teams and Judges
3pm to 5pm National Octo-Finals/Open High School Quarter Finals
5pm to 7pm National Quarter Finals/Open High School Semi-Finals
7pm to 9pm National Semi-Finals/Open High School Grand Final
9pm to 10.30pm National Grand Final
10.30pm to 11pm Award Presentation & Closing Ceremony
17. Registration Form:
Please click on the link below to register before 7th November 2020:
18. For clarifications:

Please write to the Inbox of our Facebook Page or contact Loke Wing Fatt by email at [email protected] or by Facebook at
Loke Wing Fatt Executive Director
Results for the Grand Final
Congratulations to our Champions and Grand Final Best Speakers:
National Champion: Singapore A
National Final Best Speaker: Tajei Puthucheary
Open High School Champion: Santa is a Canadian Citizen
Open HS Final Best Speaker: Annushka Agarwal.

International Worlds School Debate Tournament 2021

Dear all,
Slovenian national debate organization Za in proti, zavod za kulturo dialoga/Pro et contra, Institute for culture of dialogue and high school Gimnazija Franca Miklošiča Ljutomer kindly invite you to the 19th International Worlds School Debate Tournament 2021 – online version – which will happen 5 – 10 March 2021.
Debates will be in English in Worlds Schools Debate Format. Rounds will be power paired. The tournament is open to all debaters debating at high school level, representing their school, debate organization or nation. Teams can have 3 – 5 debaters. We strongly encourage each team to register at least one judge, although we are imposing n-1 judge rule.
As we expect teams from all over the world we are planning to have 2 divisions for 6 pre-elimination rounds on Saturday and Sunday – March 6 and 7, octofinals (and double octos if needed) on Monday, the 8th, quarterfinals on the 9th, semifinals and finals on Wednesday, the 10th. Briefings – technical instructions, judges, debaters briefing will happen on Friday, March 5th. The more detailed schedule follows after registration closes.
We will open registration on December 1st and close it on January 15th. Teams secure their spots after we receive the registration fee paid. The registration fee will be 20 EUR per debater. In case more teams register as we can handle, we reserve the right to limit the number of teams per institution.
We will announce the registration link, CA team and some other information at the end of November. If you have any additional questions, please, feel free to ask at the tournament Facebook page or send an email to [email protected].
Final results and full tab of IDTL 2021. Congrats to winners (team SINGAPORE) and big thangs to all the judges, coaches and debaters.
Results & Tab – division 1:
Results & Tab – division 2:
Break rounds results::
Team and Speakers awards: