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Harvard College World Schools Invitational 2021

19 Mar 2021 @ 10:00 am - 21 Mar 2021 @ 8:00 pm GMT


Place Entry School State Round Round
1st Eton Armstrong & Battula & Chang & Robson Eton Finals Finals
2nd TeaCan Chang & McKellar & Ni Team Canada BC Finals Finals
Semifina USA Gold NSDA Team USA TX Semifinals Semifinals
Semifina NSDTea Soysal & Perin & Murray & Richards & Patel NSDA Team USA TX Semifinals Semifinals
Quarterf TeaEng Manoj & Hussain & Factor & Chau & Dallas Team England Quarterfinal Quarterfinal
Quarterf USA Red NSDA Team USA TX Quarterfinal Quarterfinal
Quarterf BOW Lafferty & Paliwal & Zhang & Bansal & Gopal BOW CT Quarterfinal Quarterfinal
Quarterf FDTAca Chu & Lu & Lu & Oh & Yue FDT Academy (HS) BC Quarterfinal Quarterfinal
Welcome to the 6th Annual Harvard College World Schools Invitational! Our team registration process and IA applications are now open. Forms will close on March 5th, 2021.




The dates for the invitational are March 19th-21st, 2021. We hope to see you there!

Our tournament offers:

High-Quality Judging:

The majority of our judge pool is composed of former WSDC Champions, WSDC National team members, out-round WSDC judges, highly successful British Parliamentary collegiate debaters, and other members of the Harvard College Debating Union who come from highly successful domestic and international backgrounds.

High-Quality Competition:

We frequently have multiple national teams attend our tournament as they prepare for the upcoming World Schools Debating Championship in the summer.

High-Quality Training:

Every year we host multiple workshops on the WSDC format and other important issues that come up in debate; these formats will be led by members of our organizing and CA team, all of whom are immensely qualified WSDC debaters.

Prepared motions:

We are excited to announce the prepared motions for the 2021 Harvard College World Schools Invitational!!

  • Rounds 1 and 2: THBT the US government should nationalize Facebook and Twitter.
  • Round 3 Impromptu Motion: THW include socioeconomic rights (e.g. rights to healthcare, water, and housing) in constitutions
  • Rounds 4 and 5: THS the West imposing economic sanctions on Myanmar.
  • Round 6: This House supports restrictions on free speech that glorifies right-wing populism.
  • Triples: THS a global wealth tax.
  • Double Octofinals: THR the celebration of athletes that have a win-at-all-costs mentality.
  • Quarterfinals: THP an increase of power of labour unions over comprehensive improvements in labour laws (e.g. raising the minimum wage, extending parental leave).
  • Semifinals: THW allocate resources towards adapting to climate change, rather than mitigating/preventing climate change
  • Finals: THBT parents should push their kids to achieve, even if that comes at the expense of their child’s happiness.

Competition Rules and Procedures:

The Harvard College World Schools Invitational will be in the World Schools Debating Championships style. All rules and formats on tournament procedure will follow the WSDC handbook.
In following the spirit of WSDC, all teams will be of 3-5 students. All speakers in a team must be 19 years of age or younger in March 2021. Hybrid teams (i.e. teams with debaters from multiple schools) are allowed, as are independent teams not affiliated with an institution. Novice eligibility shall be defined as competing at three tournaments (including the HCWSI 2021) or less.


Debaters: All registration will be done through Tabroom at (http://hcwsi.tabroom.com). The team cap is 6 teams per institution and a maximum of 4 waitlist teams per institution. Waitlisted teams will be contacted if there is space after the initial registration closes on March 5th. Once you submit the registration, please confirm by sending us an email at [email protected]. We will use this to double-check that participants have submitted information correctly into Tabroom. Feel free to ask for instructions on how to register over Tabroom through this account.
Independent Adjudicators: IA applications here https://forms.gle/E5gfPGmH6GaAuhRJ7


Please feel free to email the tournament director, Vivian Zhang, and Tab Director, Andy Wang, at [email protected] for any questions.


$30 USD/debater, sent via check to the address on the invoice after registration. If you are unable to fulfill the judging requirement specified below, please include missing judge fees in the payment.


All speakers in a team must be 19 years of age or younger in March 2021
All speakers must neither be enrolled in a university or equivalent post-secondary learning institution nor be attending university varsity debating training in March 2021
An eligibility check will be done on each team interested in competing for a berth at HCWSI in the month prior to the event

Judging Requirement:

One judge is required for every two teams per school (rounded up, so schools with 5 teams require 3 judges). A missing judge fee is applied at a rate of $100 per day for teams that fail to meet their judging obligation. For example, a judge missing for each day of the tournament will be expected to pay $300.


  • Fri, Mar 19th
    9am EST – Registration
    10am EST – Briefing
    11am EST – Round 1 (prepared)
    12:30pm EST – Lunch
    1:30pm EST – Round 2 (prepared)
    3pm EST – Round 3 (impromptu)
  • Sat, Mar 20th
    10am EST – Round 4 (prepared)
    11:30am EST – Round 5 (prepared)
    1pm EST – Lunch
    2pm EST – Round 6 (impromptu)
    5:15pm EST – Break announcement
    5:30pm EST – Triples
  • Sun, Mar 21st
    9:30am EST – Double Octofinals (impromptu)
    12:00pm EST – Lunch
    1:00pm EST – Octofinals (prepared)
    2:30pm EST – Quarterfinals (impromptu)
    5:00pm EST – Dinner
    5:30pm EST – Semifinals (impromptu)
    8:00pm EST – Finals (impromptu)
    10:30pm EST – Awards


19 Mar 2021 @ 10:00 am GMT
21 Mar 2021 @ 8:00 pm GMT
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Harvard College Debating Union
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