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WSDC 1997, Bermuda

31 Jan 1997 - 07 Feb 1997

In the prepared rounds, the first-named team is the government.
In the impromptu rounds, the teams in each debate will toss a coin to decide which will be the government.

Saturday at the Grotto Bay Hotel
“Bye” Round: Impromptu

England Pakistan
New Zealand Canada
USA Czech Republic
Argentina Germany

Sunday at the Berkeley Institute
Round One: This House supports a mandatory retirement age


England Canada
Argentina USA
Australia Singapore
Bermuda Peru
Pakistan New Zealand
Lithuania Czech Republic
Scotland Israel
Latvia Wales

Round Two: Impromptu


England Australia
Canada Bermuda
USA Peru
Argentina Singapore
New Zealand Scotland
Czech Republic Israel
Lithuania Wales
Germany Latvia

Round Three: This House would expand the use of nuclear energy.


England Germany
Peru Singapore
Canada Argentina
Bermuda Australia
Pakistan Lithuania
New Zealand Czech Republic
Wales Israel
Latvia Scotland

Monday at the Whitney Institute
Round Four: Impromptu


England Bermuda
Canada Peru
USA Singapore
Argentina Australia
Pakistan Latvia
Czech Republic Scotland
Lithuania Israel
Germany Wales

Round Five: Impromptu


England Peru
Canada Singapore
USA New Zealand
Lithuania Bermuda
Pakistan Wales
Australia Latvia
Argentina Israel
Germany Scotland

Wednesday at the Warwick Academy
Round Six: This House supports a mandatory retirement age.


Israel Australia
Singapore Scotland
Peru Pakistan
Czech Republic England
New Zealand Lithuania
USA Latvia
Wales Bermuda
Canada Germany

Round Seven: Impromptu


Germany Singapore
Canada Australia
USA Bermuda
Argentina Peru
Pakistan Israel
New Zealand Wales
Czech Republic Latvia
Lithuania Scotland

Round Eight: This House would expand the use of nuclear energy.


Singapore England
Germany Peru
Argentina Bermuda
Australia USA
Scotland Pakistan
Lithuania Latvia
Israel New Zealand
Czech Republic Wales


31 Jan 1997
07 Feb 1997
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Hamilton Bermuda