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WSDC 2023

18 Jul 2023 - 28 Jul 2023

Held in July 2023, Vietnam will be the official host of the World Schools Debating Championship 2023. As the cheapest ever and the first in-person WSDC hosted after the Covid-19 pandemic, we wish to continue to promote the values of educational excellence, awareness, diversity, and inclusion. Our team promises this WSDC to be one of the most memorable there has ever been.





Bermuda vs. Poland | ROUND 1 | Vietnam WSDC 2023

Proposition: Bermuda

Opposition: Poland

Motion: This house believes that the World Bank Group should adopt a one-country-one-note system. Opp won



Singapore vs. Thailand | ROUND 2 | Vietnam WSDC 2023

Proposition: Singapore

Opposition: Thailand

Motion: This House supports the use of the nine planetary boundaries framework.

Opp won


Indonesia vs. South Africa | ROUND 3 | Vietnam WSDC 2023

Proposition: Indonesia

Opposition: South Africa

Motion: This House opposes internet gurus selling their own products and services.

Opp won


Canada vs. Poland | ROUND 4 | Vietnam WSDC 2023

Proposition: Canada

Opposition: Poland

Motion: This House believes that the feminist movement should promote the maximisation of individual development and empowerment over solidarity among women.

Prop won


Japan vs. Korea | ROUND 5 | Vietnam WSDC 2023

Proposition: Japan

Opposition: Korea

Motion: This House believes that African countries should recognize the sovereignty of Somaliland.

Prop won


Zimbabwe vs. Czech Republic | ROUND 6 | Vietnam WSDC 2023

Proposition: Zimbabwe

Opposition: Czech Republic

Motion: This House regrets the professionalisation of sports.

Opp won


Scotland vs. Malaysia | ROUND 7 | Vietnam WSDC 2023

Proposition: Scotland

Opposition: Malaysia

Motion: This House would replace agricultural companies with farmers’ cooperatives.

Prop won


USA vs. Sri Lanka | ROUND 8 | Vietnam WSDC 2023

Proposition: USA

Opposition: Sri Lanka

Motion: This House believes that developing countries should drop local languages in favor of a world language as the primary medium of instruction in schools.

Prop won

Partial Double Octo Finals

Australia vs New Zealand | Partial Double Octo Finals | Vietnam WSDC 2023

Proposition: Australia

Opposition: New Zealand

Motion: This House regrets depictions of veganism as trendy.

Opp won

Quarter Finals

Quarter Finals | Vietnam WSDC 2023 Malaysia vs Zimbabwe

Proposition: Malaysia

Opposition: Zimbabwe

Motion: This House believes that offensive art should not be commissioned for public spaces (Museums, Parks, Squares, etc.)

Prop won


Malaysia vs USA / Semi-Finals / Vietnam WSDC 2023

Proposition: Malaysia

Opposition: USA

Info Slide: A typical nuclear family is composed of two partners with children. In some countries a significant and vocal part of the LGBTQ+ movement are actively advocating settling down and forming nuclear families.

Motion: This House believes that the LGBTQ+ community should actively embrace the nuclear family ideal

Opp won

Grand final

This House Prefers a world ruled by a benevolent AI programmed to maximize utility by calculating the actions most guaranteed to reduce the greatest global suffering

Proposition: USA

Opposition: Canada

Prop won



18 Jul 2023
28 Jul 2023
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Vin University
Vinhomes Ocean Park, Gia Lâm
Hà Nội, XWQV+6P6 Viet Nam
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