Latest Past Events

Nordic Schools Debating Championship 2021

Hello everyone! The Danish Debate Association is incredibly excited to announce our 4th edition of Nordic Schools Debating Championship, the first-ever online edition! Since we, unfortunately, were unable to host the tournament last year in response to the Covid pandemic, we are especially thrilled to invite you to the coming year’s edition from the 16th-18th... Read more »


Penn Worlds Schools Tournament 2021


The Penn Debate Society is delighted to welcome you to our 2nd online World Schools Tournament, to be hosted from Friday, April 9th to Sunday, April 11th. The tournament will feature three prepared and three impromptu rounds of world schools-style debate, followed by a break to quarterfinals (depending on the size of the tournament). Our... Read more »

Harvard College World Schools Invitational 2021


Results Place Entry School State Round Round 1st Eton Armstrong & Battula & Chang & Robson Eton Finals Finals 2nd TeaCan Chang & McKellar & Ni Team Canada BC Finals Finals Semifina USA Gold NSDA Team USA TX Semifinals Semifinals Semifina NSDTea Soysal & Perin & Murray & Richards & Patel NSDA Team USA TX... Read more »