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Macau Online WSDC 2021 – Octo Finals 1

Impromptu Motion for the Octo finals – Round 1


This house would ban users from selling their data to companies in exchange for financial returns (i.e. receiving fixed monthly rates, dividends, etc., for the user of their data by companies)


The results for all the debates for the Octo finals – Round 1:

a) Korea v. Singapore
b) Hong Kong v. Australia
c) Lithuania v. Malaysia

Macau Online WSDC 2021 Round 8 – Hegel Division

Impromptu Motion for Round 8 – Hegel Division


This House would prioritize government funding for Indigenous art & artisans working in contemporary artistic disciplines (ex: electronic music, performance art) instead of those Indigenous artisans practising more “traditional” disciplines (ex: beadwork, carvings)


Direct link to the results for all the debates in Round 8