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Motions from EurOpen 2019 in Hamburg

Congratulations to Team China Red for their victory in the recent EurOpen 2019 in Hamburg, Germany.  Here are the motions used in the tournament:

  • Grand Final: THR the reunification of Germany
  • Semi-finals: THW abolish veto power for members of the security council in the United Nations.
  • Quarter-finals: TBHT the past behaviour of current public figures should be judged by contemporary standards.
  • Octo-finals: THBT movements advocating for the independence or separation (including but not limited to movements in Hong Kong, Barcelona, Algeria, Kurdistan) are justified in using violence to achieve their goals
  • Round 8: THBT governments should only fund art produced by artists from underrepresented groups
  • Round 7: THW impose salary caps in professional sports
  • Round 6: ???
  • Round 5: THBT the EU should punish its members for selling weapons to undemocratic regimes
  • Round 4: THBT stay-at-home parents should be paid at least a minimum wage
  • Round 3: THW ban political advertising on social network platforms (such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc)
  • Round 2 or 1: THW nationalise energy companies to combat climate changes.
  • Round 2 or 1: ???

Anyone know the missing ones?  Please let us know: [email protected].

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