WSDC 2009, Athens


Close encounters of the word kind Resolution: THW lower the voting age. The teams are listed below, proposition first then opposition, with the number of judges obtained. From all accounts, the debaters were close encounters and had fought. I witnessed the best debate I'd seen all tournament between Pakistan and England, a joust full of... Read more »

WSDC 2010, Doha


This is part of the WSDC 2010 series as I recount and report on the World School Debating Championship 2010 from Doha, Qatar as a debater, blogger and Hong Kong national team member. Following the conclusion of World Schools Debating Championship 2010, the numbers are in, the results crunched and the final rankings decided. Here they are... Read more »

WSDC 2011, Dundee


Dundee, Scotland is the host city for the World Schools Debating Championship to be held between 16th to 26th August 2011. Results for the Semifinals SF: THBT every region should have the right to independent statehood if a majority of it’s members wish Australia defeat Scotland by split vote 5-2 Singapore defeat Ireland by split vote... Read more »

WSDC 2012, Cape Town

Cape Town

Cape Town 2012 will be a truly memorable experience for all involved. The Cape Town championships should act as a benchmark for future competitions, increasing the number and diversity of teams that take part. We can host up to 48 teams and offer lower-than-average registration fees of ZAR3000 (approximately US$400), thereby minimising any financial obstacles... Read more »

WSDC 2013, Antalya


WSDC 2013 – SPEAKER TAB  Top 50 Individual Speakers based on the scores for the 8 preliminary rounds Position. Name (Country) Debates – Average 1. Bo Seo (Australia) 6 – 73.694 2. Fanele Mashwama (Swaziland) 8 – 73.542 3. Pavan Hegde (Hong Kong) 4 – 73.333 4. Darion Jin Hotan (Singapore) 8 – 73.229 5.... Read more »

WSDC 2014, Bangkok


WSDC 2014 Results Champion: Team England Champion: England (Ellie Shearer, Will Cook, Sam Feinburg, Louis Collie) Runners-up:  South Africa Semi-Finalist: Ireland Canada Top Speakers: Will Cook England EPL, Nishanth Malaysia, Regina Indonesia EFL Break 1) South Africa, 8 wins, 23 ballots 2) Ireland 8, 21 3) England 7, 20 4) Canada 7, 18 5) Malaysia... Read more »

WSDC 2015, Singapore


WSDC 2015 – ROUND 2 Lithuania 0-3 Israel India 2-1 Bangladesh Pakistan 3-0 Nigeria Singapore 2-1 Sweden USA 3-0 Wales Germany 2-1 Thailand Australia 2-1 Denmark Mexico 3-0 Spain Ireland 3-0 Kuwait England 3-0 Turkey Qatar 2-1 New Zealand South Africa 2-1 Argentina Canada 3-0 Japan UAE beat Nepal Philippines 2-1 Bermuda Greece beat Slovakia... Read more »

WSDC 2017, Bali


Motions 2017 Released on 22nd MAY 2017 The prepared motions for the 2017 World Schools Debating Championships in Bali are as follows: Preliminary Round Prepared Motions:       –  This House would make labour union membership compulsory in large industries      –  This House would deny tax-exempt status to religious institutions that refuse to... Read more »

WSDC 2018, Zagreb


The World Schools Debating Championship (WSDC) is a global competition for national high school debate teams. Teams from all over the world gather in a battle of minds, discussing 13 different topics set by an international panel of debate experts. With over 50 different countries regularly participating in the tournament, WSDC is a truly global... Read more »

WSDC 2019, Bangkok


The World Schools Debating Championships (WSDC) is a truly global competition for high school debaters. The Championships take place each year in a different country, hosted by a national debating body. Past venues include Peru, Qatar, Seoul, Athens, Cape Town, Bangkok, Singapore, Stuttgart, and in 2017 Denpasar, Indonesia. All debates take place in English. Each country can submit... Read more »